Visual Journal Exercise to Reduce Stress

Visual Journaling is a way to help you calm down after a stressful day.  Being able to soothe ourselves and see the beauty in life are so important to a creative and healthy life. 

Unfortunately, our lives often take us from one stressful event to another without time to pause or reflect, let alone to befriend our nervous system.

When looking for inspiration, or something to shift your mood, quotes can be a great prompt for our visual journals.

Following is an activity that you can use in your visual journal.

Visual Journaler Process…

Step 1) Get settled in the space where you will be working.  Pull out your journal, some art supplies, and open the link of Rumi quotes.

Step 2) Set a clear intention.  Are you looking for comfort?  To unwind?  To feel loving care for yourself? To play?  All intentions are welcome.

Step 3) Take a few minutes to quiet your mind, breath, and notice what you are feeling and where you are feeling this.

Step 4) Now, review the quotes, and find one that resonates.  Stay connected to your inner world, what colors and images are coming up for you?

Step 5) Respond with art materials.

Step 6) Gazing and noticing is an impactful step that is easy to brush past.  Take a few minutes and meditate with your spread and see what calming messages it may yet hold for you.

Step 7) Actualize what you learned from this exercise by adding a symbol, color, or image back into your spread.

Let the spread you created serve as a helpful reminder to slow down, to take loving care of yourself, and to remember what is most important.  

Below is my journal spread with one of my favorite Rumi quotes and the colors remind me of this ancient land where I was born.

IMG_0496 (002)

To learn more about The Visual Journaler process, visit my website or The Visual Journaler School.

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