Visual Coaching

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

One-on-one coaching of leaders and professionals can benefit from the incorporation of Visual Coaching methods and tools.

The Visual Journaler is one such creative coaching tool supporting a variety of coaching processes and objectives.

A Hybrid Approach

Visual Coaching is the melding of traditional coaching processes with methods from mindfulness and the visual arts within the practice of one-on-one coaching relationship.  You bring your coaching goals and progress to life with the incorporation of imagery from a variety of sources like card decks and photographs, as well as create our own imagery through The Visual Journaler methods.

Visual images allows the brain to process complex meaning more quickly than reading or text alone.

Benefits of Visual Coaching in coaching:

  • Supports the key leadership abilities of visioning, perspective taking, creative thinking and action, and presence in expression and communication
  • Supports positive development and whole person functioning, engaging the heart and mind
  • An amplification of inspiration for your creative process
  • Helps you make sense of and navigate turbulence and complexity
  • Complex behavior is learned best when the abstract, linguistic, and sensory systems are all activated
  • Enhances the coach-client connection in the art-making process
  • Supports short coaching engagements as well as longer programs
  • Works well in online / virtual coaching contexts

We are visually wired.  Readers remember less content with text only.  Consider the social media and advertising – and how an image impacts your understanding and enjoyment of the imagery associated with the post.

There is an ease and universal appeal to visually transmitted
information. This may relate to the way we evolved, since human beings learned through observation and imitation before becoming literate (Berge & Hezewijk, 1999).

The Six Methods and Media of Visual Coaching

Creating, perceiving, and interpreting images such as drawings and photographs

Making, telling, and listening to stories

Becoming aware of and crafting metaphors

Dialogue around artifacts from people’s work and personal lives, including their creative endeavors

Becoming aware of and crafting the environments in which coaching occurs

Becoming aware of and reshaping body movement, posture, kinesthetics, and voice

Included In Your Program

  • 2-hour program kick-off
  • Intake questionnaire and self-assessments
  • Visual-text hybrid action plans
  • Polaris Vision and Action Plan 
  • Visual prompts and exercises to expand and deepen your coaching outcomes
  • Visual Coaching Starter Kit (includes a deck of cards and a variety of mixed media for your journal)
  • Easy-to-use coaching platform where you can schedule sessions, share your work with Terri, and access program resources
  • Access to a library of videos and exercises to grow your practice
  • Daily access to Terri via message center
  • Side-by-side journal work with Terri during sessions
  • 45-minute coaching sessions with Terri via Zoom
  • Terri’s 30 years of coaching, organizational leadership, facilitation, and process experience

Program Length:   3 or 6 months

Bi-Weekly Sessions:  6 or 12 respectively, 45-minute coaching sessions with Terri via Zoom

Terri's Polaris

The three Polaris components: image, headline, cognitive reminders


Most frequently asked questions

You will need a computer with a built-in or separate webcam, and an internet connection.  Please note:  A computer is recommended rather than a tablet or mobile.  This way you will have full view of the screen Terri shares, plus other participants, and any chats that are going on.

One of the best things about visual journaling is that you don’t have to be an artist, nor do you need any previous art experience.  Everyone has the ability to use their inner language of imagery.  Whether you participate in a Live Online workshop or an online course that is pre-recorded, Terri demonstrates all the techniques she uses so that you can also build your own library of artful strategies.

Just like with writing in a journal, the amount of time you spend is really up to you.  To develop a Visual Journaler practice, we recommend an hour in a sitting about three times a week.  

All Visual Journaler programs include support.  If you’re in a coaching program, you’ll receive private sessions with Terri.  If you’re in a live online group program, you’ll be engaging directly with Terri.  And, if you’re in a self-study program, you’re able to get support and feedback in our community group.

This is always up to you.  Your creations are private and express your unique voice.  The choices we make with color, imagery, and words are unique to our own expression.  Your journals are always your private space and those who live with you should also know that it is up to you to choose when, what, and if you share, including online.

The Visual Journaler™ programs are designed to help you find some artful strategies to know yourself better and explore the many layers of your deeper Self.  Like all art, it reveals unknown parts of ourselves to us.  We do not analyze or interpret your work.  We do provide tools to help you look into the meaning of your work.  Although it can be therapeutic, the program is not therapy and does not replace work you would do with a therapist.  If you are in a therapy relationship, I recommend you share your work with your therapist.