An Artful Approach to Transformation

Melding Coaching Process with Visual Expression

What if you had the tools, resources, and the support of a professional coach to guide your learning, excavation, and transformation?

Jumpstart Your Creativity with 60 Visual Journaling Prompts

Download the list of 60 prompts and begin a Visual Journaler practice today. 

You’ve started several journals and abandoned them. You tried art journaling, but you can’t draw.

Don’t give up. You don’t need special training, equipment or knowledge.

The Visual Journaler is the GPS for your life’s journey.

If you’re stuck with where you are… And you don’t know where to start… 

Then maybe it’s time you gave yourself the gift of inspiration.  

Imagine if you could peek over my shoulder as I pull the curtain back to unveil my my toolkits and processes explaining how you can gently and consistently create the life you desire.

Perhaps you’ve coached with me or have taken some of my online programs but wish you could learn the tools and techniques I use to enable a continuous practice of development…

or maybe you’re new to my world and would like glimpse of how a coach works with creativity process in transformation…

then perhaps it’s time to pull up a virtual seat in my studio!

Discover The Visual Journaler Method

You will reveal your own imagistic language as it emerges from the depth of your sub-conscious, your personal source of wisdom and a connection to your soul.

You will learn to notice your own body process and to use those sensations to go into deeper self-inquiry and discovery.

With this inquiry, you bring forward images and vague impression into an artful layering process.

You will experience color as intuitive and emotional expression.

You will recognize the handles/symbols that hold personal meaning for you, and begin recognizing how they appear in your outer life.

These deeper awarenesses begin to reconcile the inner life that wants to be expressed with the outer world of expectations and demands.

Going Deeper Than Words

Through my work with clients and my own work as a Coach, I have found that words only take us so far.  There is a silent language that reveals deeper truths of our thoughts and feelings more fluently than words.  That language is imagery.

The Visual Journaler™ is an active, purposeful communication that involves using one’s inner vision to imagine what a thought, feeling, or concept would look like if it were expressed as color, shape, or image. 

The act of visual expression, allows you to describe an experience – and with depth – that words alone cannot achieve.

You will discover new insights, see more perspectives on your narratives, solve problems in new ways, enter into a deeper appreciation of the process of your life, and exercise your creative capacities.  

You will develop one of life’s most important qualities:  the ability to face and move through fear, self-doubt, and the inner critic.  And, find the incredible beauty of YOURSELF on the page.

Meet Terri Altschul

I’m an Executive and Leadership Coach, a Depth Coach, and Founder of Pathwork Coaching and The Visual Journaler(tm). 

Throughout my career, I have been captivated by human behavior and motivation.  I have been fascinated with why change is so hard and what keeps people from changing, even when they want to change.  These can be insightful  topics to explore in a coaching relationship.

With any sustained changed, we need to get to roots and causes of behavior.  Getting to these depth levels is not easy with words alone, as so much about who we are sits outside of our awareness.

Visual Journaling began for me in 2015, three years after my mom had passed away.  I was still in deep grief and wanted to explore the relationship with my mom.

I discovered some visual business planning tools and decided to meld this into a more personal approach.  I created my own journaling prompts, began learning artful strategies with acrylics (as I’m not an artist by background) to bring life to my writing.

As I created pages, I began incorporating mindfulness and body practice, expression with color, and exploring the symbols that appeared on my pages.  Each page, unlayered a new insight and brought emotional release, gratitude, and a greater understanding to my life’s story.  

Since this time, I have continued this visual exploration delving into relationships, transitions, compassion, conflict, beliefs, values, stress, dreams, archetypes, shadow work spirituality and more. All while growing a toolkit of artful strategies that support bringing these expressions visually into the world.

Today, I offer online workshops, coaching, and digital products to bring these tools to you.

I hope you will join me on this exciting Visual Journaler journey!

When Art Melds with Coaching Process

It's Like Having Your Very Own Private Coach Available 24/7


At the edge of moving forward and not welcoming the unknown, visual journaling allows your spirit to express what your heart already knows.


Unpacking polarities, subtleties, and complexities one layer at a time, you move the visual expression from the vague inner world onto paper where you can see and clarify the layers of meanings.


Different from enlightenment, illumination gives us small glimpses of light, grace, insight, or perspective. These small sparks are just enough to stir your spirit.

Letting Go

Uncovering a grief, letting darkness and emptiness have a voice, as you are invited to ride the ebb and flow of the seasons of your life.

Color Vocabulary

We each have our own color vocabulary which emerges in our visual journaling. Colors carry meaning and significance for you that comes from a deeper place.

Visual Sensitivity

Our first language was symbols, imagery, and metaphors. For many of us, this ability fades as language emerges. Through visual journaling we reconnect with this deeper form of expression.

Finding Voice

Utilizing the combined energy of your strengths and your shadow will push you to the edges of expression. Practice will deepen the experience of inner trust combining verbal and non-verbal exploration.


You tap into seeing when you create with compassion while "visually listening" to an inner knowing revealed in your journal spreads. In practicing, you gain access to wisdom and beauty with yourself, and the world around you.


Presence is our connection to the moment, our willingness to gaze, and let go of negative judgements. It allows inner vision to break through and unfold deeper meanings.

Here's What Is Included in The Visual Journaler Programs:

  • In live sessions and online courses, Terri will guide you step-by-step guide into the Visual Journaler Process 
  • Art + Coaching Process melds coaching inquiry, body-based practices, and visual expression to create whole person transformational experiences
  • Making meaning with your spreads is the depth work of The Visual Journaler.  You’ll learn a range of tools to support meaning making, new insights, and greater perspectives
  • Learn visual journaling techniques to work with dry and wet media
  • Private Community to ask Terri questions, peer support & sharing your work and insights
  • A transformational, accessible, and lasting way to incorporate more creativity, healing, and personal growth into your everyday life

Let Me Share With You

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Most frequently asked questions

You will need a computer with a built-in or separate webcam, and an internet connection.  Please note:  A computer is recommended rather than a tablet or mobile.  This way you will have full view of the screen Terri shares, plus other participants, and any chats that are going on.

One of the best things about visual journaling is that you don’t have to be an artist, nor do you need any previous art experience.  Everyone has the ability to use their inner language of imagery.  Whether you participate in a Live Online workshop or an online course that is pre-recorded, Terri demonstrates all the techniques she uses so that you can also build your own library of artful strategies.

Just like with writing in a journal, the amount of time you spend is really up to you.  To develop a Visual Journaler practice, we recommend an hour in a sitting about three times a week.  

All Visual Journaler programs include support.  If you’re in a coaching program, you’ll receive private sessions with Terri.  If you’re in a live online group program, you’ll be engaging directly with Terri.  And, if you’re in a self-study program, you’re able to get support and feedback in our community group.

This is always up to you.  Your creations are private and express your unique voice.  The choices we make with color, imagery, and words are unique to our own expression.  Your journals are always your private space and those who live with you should also know that it is up to you to choose when, what, and if you share, including online.

The Visual Journaler™ programs are designed to help you find some artful strategies to know yourself better and explore the many layers of your deeper Self.  Like all art, it reveals unknown parts of ourselves to us.  We do not analyze or interpret your work.  We do provide tools to help you look into the meaning of your work.  Although it can be therapeutic, the program is not therapy and does not replace work you would do with a therapist.  If you are in a therapy relationship, I recommend you share your work with your therapist.

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Visual Journal

Download the list of 60 prompts, and begin a Visual Journaler practice today.