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The Inner Journey of the Visual Journaler Method

The Visual Journaler™ is an active, purposeful communication that involves using one’s inner vision to imagine what a thought, feeling, or concept would look like if it were expressed as color, shape, or image. 

The act of visual expression allows you to describe an experience – and with depth – that words alone cannot achieve.  You will discover new insights, solve problems in new ways, enter into a deeper appreciation of the process of your life, and exercise your creative capacities.  

Not only will you develop one of life’s most important qualities:  the ability to face and move through fear, self-doubt, and the inner critic, you will find the incredible beauty of YOURSELF on the page.

We Are Imagistic Beings

Take a moment and recall a wonderful moment in your life.  Perhaps it was landing your first job, graduating from school, having a baby, getting married, your first vacation.

Whatever that moment is for you, take a couple minutes and just allow yourself to recall this moment.

What was this like for you?  Where did you see yourself?  Who were you with?

For most people, you were probably watching a mini movie of the happy event. It’s beginning, middle, and end.  You might notice some pleasant emotions rising as you recall the happy event.

Transformation Through Imagery

We experience our inner world of thoughts and feelings through images, color, metaphor, or symbols.  When we tap into this imagistic world, we have exponentially greater capacity to transform our lives.

Art + Process

We begin by facing the blank page with a color, an image, or journal writing.

There is no right or wrong way to become a Visual Journaler.  Experiment.  Try it differently.  Start with one technique one day, and then on another, try a different technique. 

Notice what is present for you and let your body guide you. 

Once we have something on the page, it is the layering approach that keeps us in process.

Sometimes I’ll warm-up to the page by laying down gesso.  Sometimes I’ll begin with journaling.  Sometimes I create a hot mixed media mess as my foundation – a technique I learned from Juliana Coles and boy is it a great way to get the bottled-up gunk out of your system.   Other times, I’ll have found an image in a magazine that is just calling to be in my visual journal to be explored.

This layering approach gives you places to go when you don’t know where you might go next.  Ask yourself, what could I write on the page, what color might I add, what picture would capture what I’m feeling?

No Beginning is Too Small

The Visual Journaler is a practice, a habit, that allows you to go at whatever pace you want.

The idea, like all creative practices, is to keep coming back, over and over.

You don’t have to work in your journal every day.  Some days you may reflect on your journal.  Some days you may add a layer or a color that’s been calling to you.  And, still, on other days you may write in your companion journal about the symbols and images in your spread.

One thing I’ve learned in this process to listen to my inner knowing.  I often have a tightness in my belly when I need to express something that is bottled within me.  This body sensation helps remind me of the many benefits of this practice.

We Start by Starting

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