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The Feminine Shadow Project

The Feminine Shadow Project is a Visual Journaling Project

In the Fall of 2015, I began doing visual journaling for my business.  I hadn’t done any kind of art – even play art since I was a child.

This process was so insightful, meaningful, and practical (Yes!  it gave voice and words to my inner vision!) that I was able to articulate my stand for the Women Connected programs:

“At Women Connected, we stand for the unique qualities and strengths of women.  We are teaching a  paradigm for women – that encourages women to collaborate rather than compete, to trust rather than mistrust, to value each other as much as they value being with a man and to honor and value themselves.” — Terri Altschul

The more I began to delve into this vision, the more I got in touch with what it means for women to to trust one another.  I became much more aware of how women engaged one another at work, online, and even in families.  I realized that this transformation to trust rather than mistrust, to value each other as much as we value the opinions of men, was deeper than I imagined.  I realized I was tapping into the collective conscious and unconscious of the way women had learned to creatively adapt to thousands of years of mistreatment.    And I realized that if I wanted to take this stand for Women Connected that I needed to see how this imprint was living in my own psyche.

But these imprints were fairly invisible to me.  I could sense tiny pieces of them in my reactions to being told to “be quiet”, or “you look nicer when you smile”.  But what were the deeper pieces and what was the narrative that I was carrying?

The Feminine Shadow Project Was Born

These are the questions that are carrying me into my own healing journey of the Feminine Shadow.   I want to not only go on an inner excavation of this imprint, but I also realize that I’ll be excavating imprints that were also passed onto me.

It has taken me many years to be ready to go on this journey as it involves my mom.  I was almost ready to look at this four years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer.  Since she passed away, it has felt like doing this work would be some kind of betrayal to our relationship.  But my grief is more healed today.  And I do this work for both myself and my mother.  So that in spirit, we can both be healed and and together we can heal our ancestry too.

This is Depth Work

Each of the images you will see in the gallery represent a page from my Journal.  If you click on the image, I will share with you the narrative of this page and the process I used.

This is deep work.  If you think you may also choose to go on this journey, I recommend that you work with a therapist or coach for support.

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