I want to help you to feel alive and aligned from the inside out. YOU are the leader, the teacher, the healer, the creator, the changemaker, the wayshower you have been waiting for. Join me. Let’s BE the change together.

What would it be like to be free of limitations and soar beyond your boundaries? 

The Self-Authoring Woman is a leadership and personal growth coaching program that provides you with the tools and resources to realize your full potential.

Why is it important for women to self-author?  

As women, we live in a time of incredible change.  While there are more opportunities than there have been in the past, there is still much work to do to balance the feminine and masculine in our work and world.

There aren’t yet enough female role models to mentor all the women who are looking for a different way to serve, lead, and create in our world.  We need to forge our own paths!

A woman who is able to invent, and reinvent herself based on knowing her strengths, values, mind, and blindspots makes better decisions, has greater reach and impact, navigates change effectively, has more productive teams, engages in pivotal conversations, and is true to herself.

The Self-Authoring Woman is a six-month coaching program that guides you to explore your your own personas and roles, release inner constrictions, uncover your own brilliance, and step into your inner authority.  Through coaching experiments and action learning you are implementing new behaviors all along the way!

The Transformation You Will Experience

  • Lead with integrity and heart through difficult and pressure-filled challenges
  • Navigate change and transition in a way that engages others and brings them along with you
  • Understand the impact of your life journey and thresholds on your leadership mindset
  • Express your emotional intelligence through self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, intuition, and caring
  • Navigate conflict through releasing your inherited fears
  • Increase impact, visibility, and well-being through mindfulness practices
  • Increase agency and become confident,  creating energy through trust and authenticity
  • Create lasting value by aligning people around the mission and values of partnership
  • Become an authentic leader by understanding the change you’re meant to lead
  • Lead a fully integrated life to model partnership and caring for the next generation

Women Leaders are urgently needed. Of course we must work with enlightened men. But we must take leadership into our own hands.

Coaching Journey

Part 1: Your Heroine's Journey

  • Threshold Moments
  • Levels of Identity
  • Feminine and Masculine Qualities/Distinctions
  • Standing at the Wall of Patriarchy: Roles and Personas
  • The 7 Relationships

Part 2: Release The Inner Glass Ceiling

  • Mind Traps for Women
  • Resolving Inner Conflicts of Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
  • Self-Regulation, Self-Awareness, and Resilience
  • Triggers and Blindspots
  • The Language of Patriarchy

Part 3: A Feminine System of Leadership

  • From Domination to Partnership
  • Putting Values into Action
  • Navigating Polarities
  • Safe Conversations
  • Supporting Other Women

Results You Can Expect

Release the Burden of Personas and Roles

Gain More Perspectives

Free Yourself From Overdoing

Live a Life Aligned From the Inside-Out

Have More Energy, Joy and Vitality

Incorporate Feminine Qualities With Confidence

Two-Way Relationships Where Your Needs Are Met

Courageous Conversations When In the Double-Bind

Radical, Guilt-Free, Life Affirming Self-Care

Boundaries that Establish Work-Life Parameters

How It Works

A six-month Coaching Private Program and Curriculum to Transform Your Leadership and Life

The Self-Authoring Woman Coaching and Masterclass takes you through key distinctions of who you are and who you want to be.  You’ll receive the opportunity to experiment with new skills and approaches, and make in-the-moment adjustments based on feedback, impact and results.

Proven Structure

This program is divided into 3 parts – each part builds on the previous.  You will learn distinctions that put your inner self-portrait into alignment with your outer actions.

Bi-Weekly Content & Resources

Every two-weeks, you will engage with new content in the form of exercises, worksheets, videos, or curated content from experts.  These resources keep you moving in a forward direction and prevent us from floundering or stalling.

Bi-Weekly Private Coaching

Every two weeks you will have a private coaching session with Terri via Zoom.  On these calls, you will share your celebrations and challenges with your homework from the preceeding two weeks.  Terri will support and coach you through this material.  The call will conclude with summarizing insights, designing new experiments, and reviewing the homework for the next two weeks.

Action Learning

Confidence and new insights grow from working at your learning edge through designed actions.  At the end of each coaching sessions, you will be creating new experiments to implement and test during the upcoming two weeks.

Accountability & Support

Like any learning activity, you will get from this program what you put into it.  Terri is your partner on this journey to support you to reach your goals.

In addition to your bi-weekly coaching sessions, you will receive weekly inspiration emails from Terri.  You will also have 24/7 access to Terri via text or email when additional support is needed.

Coaching Portal & Lifetime Access

All program materials will be available and organized in your coaching portal.  You can review these as often as you want, even after our formal coaching has ended.  You can come back to the portal time and again to re-use materials and refresh on concepts.

100% Online

You can take your coaching calls and access your coaching portal from anywhere in the world that has an internet access.  The portal is available to 24/7.  Both our Zoom calls and the coaching portal are mobile accessible.

What Makes This Coaching Program Different

  • You take a journey through a planned process.  You will know where you’re going, what you will be working on, and the kinds of conversations we will be having.

  • Terri Altschul has three decades of experience in leadership development, organizational development, and coaching.  

  • The Self-Authoring Woman integrates all of you: heart, mind, body, and spirit.

  • Receive through the mail your toolkit of program supplies including books, a writing journal, and visual journaling supplies.   

  • Begin getting results right away through experiments and tests all through the program.  

Get Started Today

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

I was extremely pleased with the level of coaching provided by Terri Altschul. Together, we were able to identify key areas of focus and develop an individualized plan that allowed me to improve my leadership skills within a six month timeframe. I appreciated the personalized approach that she took to ensure I was achieving my optimal performance in managing a large Operations team. The tools, techniques and exercises provided during the sessions were easily incorporated into my professional routines and I quickly found improvements in my team structure and dynamic. In addition, I personally struggled with managing my work/life balance and Terri was able to gently provide techniques to improve in this area. I would highly recommend Terri to anyone who is looking to further strengthen their leadership skills. I am so glad I had the opportunity and committed myself to this process!
Julie P., Leader, Global Bank, Delaware

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