7 Ideas for Creating Themed Visual Journals

Get started with The Visual Journaler Process and create a themed Visual Journal using one of these 7 ideas.


Through my work with clients and my own work as a Coach, I have found that words only take us so far.  There is a silent language that reveals deeper truths of our thoughts and feelings more fluently than words.  That language is imagery.

The Visual Journaler™ is an active, purposeful communication that involves using one’s inner vision to imagine what a thought, feeling, or concept would look like if it were expressed as color, shape, or image.

The act of visual expression, allows you to describe an experience – and with depth – that words alone cannot achieve. You will discover new insights, solve problems in new ways, enter into a deeper appreciation of the process of your life, and exercise your creative capacities.

Not only will you develop one of life’s most important qualities:  the ability to face and move through fear, self-doubt, and the inner critic, you will find the incredible beauty of YOURSELF on the page.