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A FREE Exercise for Performance Planning You Need To Try

How often have you experienced strategic or performance planning and left your manager’s office thinking “How will I be able to achieve this goal?”. 

Traditional organizational performance planning relies on clarity in the specific goals (if there even is clarity) we are trying to achieve (like SMART goals) AND the willpower to achieve those goals. 

While we can rely solely on willpower to achieve our goals, over time, these efforts at self-control can become exhausting and ignores the energizing psychological force that we activate when we tap into the motivating energy of hope.   

We see this in many organizations today.  With the non-stop change and the “power through” mentality, employees and leaders are physically and emotionally exhausted.  Their resiliency in the face of setbacks becomes diminished and several other symptoms begin to appear (like anxiety, insomnia, accidents like falling, and physical illness).

The science of hope shows that how we think about the future is a key determinant of our success in work, school, relationships and across our lifespan.  With all other conditions being equal, high hope leads to an increase in workplace outcomes, gains in academic performance, and boosts in happiness.


When we see a direct connection between the future we want and our behaviors and attitudes today, effort and commitment soar.  Hope theory encompasses not only the willpower (agency) but also the waypower (pathways) to achieve our goals (Snyder, 2000).

Hope science research proposes that working towards a goal is as important to wellbeing as the attainment of the goal itself. Committed goal pursuit provides us with a sense of purpose and feeling of control over our lives, assisting us to feel efficacious and reinforces our sense of autonomy.

Hope works because it broadens our thinking and fuels our persistence.


This activity is designed introduce you to the power of pathway thinking, while tapping into the motivation to fuel persistence towards your goals.  Hope works because it broadens our thinking and fuels our persistence.

Give it a try!  Download FREE template here!

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