Hi, I'm Terri Altschul

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Terri is an ICF PCC, professional coach, with more than 4,000 hours coaching leaders, changemakers and others who want to live a purpose-filled life and create change in the world through their talents and gifts.

She writes the Unleash Your Creativity blog, creates digital courses, facilitates live online trainings, and designs downloadable worksheets and e-books. Terri lives in Delaware with her family.

Terri's Core Beliefs

Body-Based Practice is Core to Thriving and Resilience

The ability to remain calm and grounded in the midst of chaos is key to agility and navigating change.  We incorporate mindfulness exercises to support you in developing these inner states.

Creativity Emerges in Working With Self-As-Process

Our stories keep us hidden.  When we work with imagery, symbols, and color, we are able to go deeper within ourselves than words alone allow.

Resistance Ends, Where Self-Acceptance Begins

Much of our lives are judged by our performance.  This performance mode can lead to hiding apsects of ourselves we deem unacceptable.  When we begin to accept all our parts, our struggle lessens.

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