Coaching and Expressive Arts

The pervasive symptoms of self-doubt, stress and burnout, and work and relationship breakdowns, are an invitation to deeper inquiry and a re-membering of ourselves to who we really are.

Drawing from over 25 years as a leader in adult and organizational learning, Terri Altschul helps her clients push beyond the limits of outmoded patterns to access their highest power, impact, and positive emotional states.

Pathwork Coaching processes draw from the latest research in coaching psychology and, where appropriate, incorporate myth and imagination, visual journaling, cognitive behavior change, and mindfulness techniques.

Terri works with clients to expand self-awareness and the care and cultivation of an inner wholeness, creating a deeper connection with self, others and one’s deepest purpose.

When we find the courage to look closely and inhabit our whole self, meaning, joy and coming home to our highest purpose become abundantly available.

My Approach

Drawing from 25 years as a leader in learning and leadership development, combined with her own depth work, Terri helps her clients push beyond the limits of outmoded patterns to access their highest power, impact and healing.

Terri offers tools and practices that draw from coaching psychology, mindfulness, Jungian principles, and the expressive arts.

Terri’s guides clients into multiple ways of knowing themselves through holding liminal space, embracing ancient wisdom, shadow work, and creative expression. Her work is focused on the unconscious and the nurturing of an inner wholeness, which creates a deeper connection with self and others.

Terri’s coaching background is an integral, whole person approach. Terri helps clients to see that their mind-emotions-body-relational field-shadow are all integrated. Changes in any one area impacts the others.

More About Me

Core Coaching Programs

  • Leadership and personal transformation begin as we bring our attention to vertical development and we become more present, pay attention to our inner world, tune into our mind-body-spirit-shadow, are less reactive, and have more connection to ourselves and others. We begin to release our attachments and habits and expereience more freedom and creativity.​

  • A woman who is deeply connected with herself travels the wheel of the Heroine's Journey. She has the tools for releasing the inherited template of defined roles and behaviors that no longer serves her, she makes meaning of her dreams and inner vision, she is deeply connected to her defined values, and she can activate the visions of her inner world in the outer world.

  • Every journal spread we create has a story to tell. This story is first told in colors, metaphor, symbols, and imagery. You’ll learn to see the patterns in your life and gain new insights into who you are becoming as you tape into your deeper knowing. When combined with coaching, we integrate our many voices and bring new meaning to our personal mythologies.​

Here's How it Works!

Let Me Share With You

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What My Wonderful Freedom Empowerers Say

  • All I can say is wow! Terri has a gift for helping women discover their inner power through a fun and creative mechanism of art exploration. It is evident from the moment you step into her workshop that you are in expert hands! Terri is a compassionate instructor and coach that cares about each individual attendee and strives to guide them towards their own respective stories of empowerment that fuels them for the continued journey ahead. If you have been contemplating the Feminine Shadow workshop or any of Terri’s courses, then contemplate no more – sign up today and prepare to be profoundly impacted!

    Jada Black Professional Certified Coach & HR Leader
  • Terri balances intuition, strategy, compassion, and accountability. Her coaching accelerated my professional and personal growth, and resulted in a promotion and a new job opportunity that I don't think I would have been qualified for prior to our work together. A year later, I still use the frameworks, tips and best practices she shared and have imparted many to my own team. Thank you!

    Karen Martell General Manager, Retail, Dermatology, & Fertility

Online Programs

  • $47
    The Self-Authoring Woman

    July 17th, 2pm est JOIN Terri for this live webinar as she walks you through the unconscious template that has been passed down to women through the generations. Learn the 3 shifts that release this template and reclaim your voice, authenticity, and belonging.

  • $147.00
    Persephone, The Wayshower

    Coming in September! Create new possibilities for your life with this new Visual Journaler program, as Persephone leads the way to your inner world of transformation where you'll discover untapped potential.

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  • Seeking Light and Shadow $97.00

    What if the Shadow is really the doorway to the soul? In this 4-week online Visual Journaler program, Terri guides you to explore your shadow parts and uncover your hidden brilliance.

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