Coaching the Whole Person

Pathwork Coaching empowers individuals to transcend the ego states, mindsets and behaviors that inhibit their personal, professional and spiritual growth.  This approach includes all aspects of the person:  mind, body, emotion, shadow, the relational field and spirit.

Using this specialized coaching approach with my clients is intended to resolve issues created by socialized- and self-constructs and limiting beliefs.  As we release these constructs and beliefs, clients experience a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, bringing with it greater clarity, creativity, and inner resources.

This integral coaching approach works with helps clients overcome the limiting beliefs, and undermining emotions and negative reactions, that prevent their success and happiness.  We welcome these states in order to resolve the underlying conflict.

As the coach, my job is to hold liminal space.  Liminal space is the space “in-between” where you are and where you are going.  In holding liminal space, clients are supported to walk through a process of non-judgmental, self-exploration and self-inquiry, helping them to integrate new, widened perspectives into their lives.   Through this process

The integral, whole person approach helps clients establish the root causes of their challenges with self-acceptance, authenticity, self-regulation, purpose, and creative expression.

Pathwork coaching combines coaching psychology, mindfulness, and visual expression to achieve sustainable outcomes.  These three complimentary fields have been synergized into one fluid model.

The Difference Between Pathwork Coaching and Traditional Coaching Models

Traditional coaching approaches involve a dialogue between a coach and a client that are very cognitive in nature.  This means that we only work within the conscious awareness and unconscious drivers are left undiscovered.

Neuroscience has taught us that our unconscious functioning precedes behavior by at least ½ a second.  This means that most, if not all, coaching issues like perfectionism, pleasing, indecision, conflict-avoidance, burnout, and overwhelm are the result of automatic (unconscious) reactions and patterns.

Traditional coaching approaches rely heavily on conscious processing through questioning and assigning tasks.  This approach is greatly limited by what we already know about ourselves, rather than delving into what we have yet to discover.

Pathwork Coaching works with the unconscious processes that are at the root of most of our challenges in life – and, are key in progressing through developmental stages as an evolving adult. This approach has last effects as it gets to the root of what’s going on while simultaneously teach the client the tools to continue growing on their own.  Clients are free to relax and be themselves, knowing the coach is holding this caring and non-judgment, liminal space for them.

Pathwork Coaching integrates eight aspects that shape our current perceptions, motivations, and abilities:

  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Values
  • Agency
  • Relationships
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Openness
  • Vitality

Take this quiz and learn more about how these eight aspects shape your current reality.

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