A Message From Terri

For most people, coaching has meant discovering and fixing weaknesses.  While this approach can work, a “fix-it” mentality is not always the most effective route to professional and personal growth. 

Coaching Pathways is a navigation tool for individuals seeking alternate routes to growing their career and realizing their potential.

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership.  This conversation will inspire you to make the most of your talent and potential.  It will help you unlock untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.   

Coaching cultivates an inner wholeness, creating a deeper connection with self, others and one’s deepest purpose.

When you find the courage to look closely and inhabit your whole self, meaning, joy and coming home to your highest purpose become abundantly available.

Coaching Pathways

Feminine Leadership Path

A woman who is aware of the power of her unique feminine strengths, who is able to invent, and reinvent herself based on knowing her strengths, values, mind, and blindspots makes better decisions, has greater reach and impact, navigates change effectively, has more productive teams, engages in pivotal conversations, and is true to herself.

Talent-Based Career Path

This path puts your career in your hands by learning to trust your natural abilities,experience, and inner direction by asking yourself what you love to do most and figuring out how to make a living doing it. This path is a journey find, cultive, and share your innate talents. This program incorporates journaling techniques, collage, and mixed media.

ITC Path

This path helps you uncover beliefs and mindsets that are working against your stated goals. ITC stands for “Immunity to Change” based on the work of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. In this coaching path you will explore ways your behavior works against your stated goals, hidden commitments, and fear motivations. Includes ITC Mapping process.


Skill Building Path

This path helps you take the mission critical skills for your role to the next level. This could mean gaining awareness about what is required for your role and how your skills map to the role, taking an average skill and making it stronger, taking a natural talent to extraordinary, or building the confidence in an area where you strong but you lack confidence.

The Visual Journaler Path

Awakening creativity, this path is for those seeking a new vision and connection with their creative selves – the part of themselves that can think outside-the-box, innovate and is energize by exploring new ideas. Through the exploration of visual journaling and the expressive arts, you will discover the innate creativity that is within all of us.

Leadership Agility Path

This path includes five levels of mastery for anticipating and leading change every leader needs in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and uncertain world. This integral path takes both “outside-in” and “inside-out” approaches in the arenas of stage of development, pivotal conversations, team initiatives, and organizational initiatives. Includes LA 360′.

Touch Base Path

Once a coaching program concludes, it can feel like you’re suddenly on your own.  That’s not the case with Pathwork Coaching.  The “Touch Base” program is designed to schedule intermittent coaching sessions as you are looking for support, experiencing a one-off situation that related to your coaching program, or are looking for light on-going support.  

Let's Work Together

Now that you know the multiple paths that can guide you in your professional and personal growth, you may need help figuring out which one is the best one for you.  Ask your self:  Are you ready for change?  Would you like more awareness of what might be holding you back?  Are you ready and willing to take action and do the work?  

Let’s create your coaching path!  We’ll talk about your needs, the pathways, and the timeframe in which you are seeking to make change.

As women, we live in a time of incredible change.  While there are more opportunities than there have been in the past, there is still much work to do to balance the feminine and masculine in our work and world.

There aren’t yet enough female role models to mentor all the women who are looking for a different way to serve, lead, and create in our world.  We need to forge our own paths!

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