Coaching is one of the most valuable inventions of the last century, with an exceptional power to shift our perspective from a negative state to a positive state, improve our relationships, increase overall well-being, and support us in developing our professional potential. However, coaching is also often deeply misunderstood as merely a goal-achieving tool. Coaching is the single greatest step anyone can take towards self-realization and honoring their potential.

Change your perspective, and you change your life.

Are you thriving in all the domains of your life?  

Not having enough preparation and support for the changes and stress you experience in life and work can drain your energy and your outlook – putting you at risk for giving up, burn-out, or disengaging.

While the struggles of our lives are complex, some people are able to see them as opportunities for new growth and learning while others are dragged down and discouraged.  

These eight perspectives prepare you to be the author of your life.

You can shift from overwhelm to flourishing, from confusion to clarity, and from living your life based on the expectations of others to being the creator! 

Imagine discovering excitement in purpose, restoring a sense of possibility, and creating the daily habits that lead to thriving throughout your life.

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Individual Coaching

Recharge your leadership and personal growth.  Work one-on-one with Terri and receive all “The Self-Authoring Leader” program materials plus individual attention all along the way.

Online Group Program

Participate as a member of an online cohort through online activities, group discussions, and private coaching with Terri.

For Your Team

Team up with Terri to bring the “Self-Authoring Leader” to your team,  into a meeting or leadership development program.

terri altschul
I want to help you to feel alive and aligned from the inside out. YOU are the leader, the creator, the changemaker, the wayshower you have been waiting for. Join me. Let’s BE the change.

Meet Your Coach and Guide, Terri

From my very first leadership position, I especially loved the moment when something for one of my team members went from difficult to manageable or even to talent.  The lightbulb moment, when the person’s self-confidence soared. 

I have made a career in helping others discover these moments within themselves! 

I work with women and men from all walks of life – individuals who want to relieve stress and live mindfully, who want to weave more insight and intuition into their lives, who want to step into leadership, and who want to be the author of their lives.

We take a process approach, tuning into our inner world, and letting the inner critics and perfectionists relax.

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