Coaching for Leaders, Changemakers, and the Wayshowers

Experience breakthroughs that challenge your thinking and ways of showing up in the world as you prepare to become a catalyst for change. 

Career Compass

Discover the greatest expression of your passions and potential  and then align your talents, interests, and potentional in that direction.

Your North Star

Living in alignment occurs when your outer world reflects your


Change is a creative process. Learn to connect with your creative energies to solve problems in new ways, and create new innovative solutions.

The Incredible Power of Small Change

You are ready to increase your self-awareness and see different aspects of your self including personality traits, behaviors, and feelings.  You want to understand how these aspects appear in your life when you are in a variety of situations and emotional states. 

You want to get to the root of your thinking patterns and release the stuckness of counter-productive behaviors.  We will work together to identify your unique perpectives and thinking patterns and release the traps that keep you experiencing “one foot on the gas, and one foot on the brake”.

Our beliefs, whether they’re empowering or limiting, are a result of our life experiences.  They were created because we had an experience and we hold a belief that we can replicate or prevent that experience again.  You are ready to not only examine our limiting beliefs but to change them.

Burnout happens when you feel totally depleted, as if your gas tank of mental and emotional resources has landed on empty. It is often the result of extreme demands on your time and energy, and is exacerbated when there is no end in sight. 

Burnout is also a signpost telling us that it’s time to change. The strain and stress indicate that we’re at a “growth edge.” 

Terri Altschul, PCC


Through one-on-one and group coaching programs, I stand in your corner, help you see your possibilities and even your blind spots, champion your learning, and be that guide on your shoulder to remind you of your potential and the possibilities for your life.  Our coaching relationship and success is built upon mutual trust, and a shared commitment to learning and growing.

I Have Lots to Share

From my blog, to new coaching programs, to online workshops, and tools to support your coaching journey.


The Visual Journaler (tm)

Going Deeper Than Words

The Visual Journaler™ is a visual approach to self-inquiry that provides you with tools to access the hidden parts of yourself and to make them visible.   

Combining a coaching approach with visual expression creates new awareness and shifts – and with a depth – that words alone cannot achieve.