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we take time to experience thoughts and feelings with a present-centered, non-judgmental attitude, as we begin to see patterned behaviors for what they are rather than react in ways we may later regret, so that we may create new habits of mind.


trained in four schools of coaching, over 4,000 coaching hours, a lifelong career in learning and leadership development, guides clients into multiple ways of knowing themselves through adaptive learning, creative experiments, and the psychology of coaching.


innovative disciplines— Mindfulness, Creativity, Integral Coaching, Realizing Resilience, Leadership Agility, and The Immunity to Change — offer a range of entry points whether you are a seasoned professional, a new leader, or seeking change.

What is Pathwork Coaching?

Pathwork Coaching is holistic, whole-person support.  Drawing from the fields of coaching psychology, integral theory, and the leading trends in leadership research, we work with individuals to co-create their unique coaching plan. 

We support clients to work through their social selves, to discover who they are at their core, and to push beyond the limits of conventional, outmoded patterns.

Pathwork Coaching offers three types of support: online private coaching, online group coaching, and customized digital courses.  Our services are grounded in coaching psychology, leadership research, creative process, and in our lived-experience investigating awareness-based insight. 

This work helps us meet clients where they are, and to build an integrated program that responds to our clients’ needs. 

Why 'Pathwork'?

Some years ago, I was researching my Irish roots and came across the word “pathworking”.  In ancient Celtic times, this word referred to a structure for finding our way in the world, discovering our core purpose and talents, and then serving the world with those gifts.  

While we hold our human condition in common, each individuals journey through this life is unique.  When we start to shed the ways we conform or adapt to fit in, our uniqueness begins to emerge.

There is no one-size fits all cookie-cutter program that works for everyone.  The tools we’ve created for Pathwork Coaching provide a framework that allows for your unique development needs to be met.

Are you ready for coaching?

Are you ready for a development partner whose sole purpose is to support you to live an extraordinary life?

I have no other agenda than to stand in your corner, help you see your possibilities and even your blind spots, champion your learning, and be that guide on your shoulder to remind you of your potential and the possibilities for you life.  Our coaching relationship and success is built upon mutual trust, and your personal commitment to learning and growing.

You are ready to increase your self-awareness and see different aspects of your self including personality traits, behaviors, and feelings.  You want to understandhow these aspects appear in your life when you are in a variety of situations and emotional states. 

You want to get to the root of your thinking patterns and release the stuckness of counter-productive behaviors.  We will work together to identify your unique perpectives and thinking patterns and release the traps that keep you experiencing “one foot on the gas, and one foot on the brake”.

Our beliefs, whether they’re empowering or limiting, are a result of our life experiences.  They were created because we had an experience and we hold a belief that we can replicate or prevent that experience again.  You are ready to not only examine our limiting beliefs but to change them.

Being an effective leader requires your agency to facilitate effective communications, set direction, create alignment, and maintain an engagement environment where people share work.  

We look at your role and responsibilities to carry out commitments to the larger organization and your strengths and development needs as it relates to this role.

Individuals who are looking to expanding their leadership agility and capability will work through a series of development activies to challenge themselves into new arenas, to receive feedback and have an accurate perception of how they impact others, and to negotiate differences in a 360′ direction.

Burnout happens when you feel totally depleted, as if your gas tank of mental and emotional resources has landed on empty. It is usually the result of extreme demands on one’s time and efforts, and it is exacerbated when there is no end in sight to the exhaustion. We feel burnout most acutely when we see little hope
for a better future.

One can think of burnout as an opportunity for innovation – inside out.

Burnout is also a signpost telling us that it’s time to grow. The strain and stress indicate that we’re at a “growth edge.” Our suffering is telling us that it’s time to grow. Growth unfolds when we push ourselves to step across this threshold, to transcend it.

The move from burnout to thriving is a process. It doesn’t happen all at once. Rather, it’s the product of cultivating a set of synergistic habits. Like muscles, habits grow stronger the more we
use them. The key is to cultivate a group of habits that will help you feel good more of the time.

Online, All-the-Time

  • Certified coach with over 4,000 hours of coaching experience
  • Research based coaching 
  • Career in business and online learning and development
  • Scalable pricing
  • Online, Integrated Coaching Plaform with secure Zoom coaching calls
  • Plans to fit your learning path
  • Access to toolkits and resourses to help you apply new skills and improve outcomes 

Getting Started is Easy

1) Schedule a Free Discovery Session
We'll discuss your coaching goals and the transformation you want.
2) Choose a Coaching Plan
Choose the package that meets your needs. You can change, upgrade, downgrade, freeze, or cancel your plan when your needs change.
3) Journey Begins!
Once you select your package, you'll receive an email invitation to access my coaching portal (from any device), where you can set up your profile, begin messaging, schedule appointments, track your goals.

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